Saturday, January 12, 2013

Faces, Vikings, Monster Snowmen

 Here's some work/sketches that were done around Christmas.

I did this portrait as a gift for Christmas. It was sort of tricky and time-consuming as it isn't how I usually work, but I couldn't say no. Oh, and see that sketch above the bigger drawing? That was the real winner in my opinion. It would have been funny to send that instead.

Charles Bronson. Death Wish era.

Some warm up sketches I did of Chet Baker before I attempted the scratchboard of him that was posted earlier.     

Ian Brady, one of The Moors Murderers.

I recently read Everything is an Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson by Kevin Avery and instantly became enamored with Paul Nelson. His writing on the importance of certain musicians and pushing music criticism to an art form is inspirational. Growing up with Rolling Stone Magazine and numerous other music mags, I'm used to seeing albums quickly reviewed, so it's pretty intense to read about the break with him and RS magazine when they moved to the way we're now used to seeing the music review section, compared to how he had worked on it, and believed the way it should be. In one way you could tell the magazine knew what it took to survive but you also felt that what Paul Nelson was fighting for was the more admirable route. Paul Nelson is basically a reminder that we should take time to appreciate and think about what we are experiencing.

Some tight and loose sketches of Paul.

Joe Cocker. Woodstock. With a Little Help From My Friends.

Another sign for Gimme! Coffee. Discussions about lack of snow, The 13th Warrior, Conan The Barbarian were the inspirations for this one.

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